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Medium size special ornament Headband in Marlboro red and black shiny finish

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Deluxe Headband is handmade in France. Product is made without any kind of metal parts to make it completely metal free for people, who have very sensitive skin or allergies from metal parts. Headband is suitable for fine hair. Headband is made of bioplastic - cellulose acetate. With a 3 dimensional engraving. Headband is appropriate to wear at a cocktail party.

Our hand-made headband is made of precious bio-plastic, which has up to 95 % natural ingredients such as wood and cotton. Shiny red headband will add a stunning pop of colour to your outfit. If you like to be noticed, don’t hesitate – this headband will make you look imperssive and very feminine. 

Medium size
Affair in Paris
Marlboro red and black

$ 19.36