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Very small size rectangular shape Hair snap in Ivory and black
Hair snap
Gorgeous elegant hair snap. It is very pretty... Looks just like the one in the picture. Great communication, thank you Kosmart.
May 27, 2019
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Medium size rectangular shape Hair barrette in Fluo electric blue and gold
nice barrette
I have very long, thick hair and this barrette holds it all up together! I loved it. Will buy another color next time.
May 27, 2019
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Extra large size sphere shape Titanium earrings in Crystal Jade Pearl
my favourite
I just wanted to tell, that these earrings became my favorite ones! It is very comfortable to wear them, and looks wonderful.
May 24, 2019
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Medium size rectangular shape Hair barrette in Dark brown demi and gold
fast delivery
I just received this hair barrette, it looks so beautiful in real. I did not expect that it will arrive so quickly. Thanks, Kosmart!
May 24, 2019
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Small size regular shape Hair jaw clip in Tokyo blond
USA, Miami
Great communication, thank you Kosmart for help in choosing the right items. Hair jaw SUPER. I will recommend to all my friends.
May 24, 2019
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Kosmart : bijoux per capelli, un tocco glam per ogni hairstyle , con la nuova collezione realizzata in [...]
Oct 11, 2017
Hair Accessories Kosmart
Ciao ragazze Oggi voglio presentarvi un nuovo brand ed alcuni prodotti ricevuti!
Oct 11, 2017
Buona sera e buon inizio Ottobre a tutti!
Buona sera e buon inizio Ottobre a tutti!
Oct 11, 2017
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Bentornati sul mio blog....
Sep 4, 2017

Hair barrettes, hair jaws and other hair accessories for women

Online store of hand made hair accessories

Thank you for letting us introduce you some of our finest KOSMART™ hair and fashion accessories - place, where you can buy your most favorite hair jewelry!
The history of our hair accessories production roots back to 1976, when the business belonged to Italian family, to whom we are extremely grateful for ongoing support and sharing with us precious “know-how” that they were developing for more than 40 years. Now our family company is continuing their work in a larger scale with global introduction of KOSMART™ brand, while collaborating with global fashion leaders like Swarovski® company. All our KOSMART™ range is made in Europe.
Currently we are producing following product groups: 


Hair barrettes and clips

Hair jaws and hair claws

Ponytail holders for hair


Hair snaps

Hair side combs

Hair sticks and pins


Skin Friendly jewelry


We are producing hair accessories for our own brand KOSMART™ and we also do a private label orders for many other well known brands globally.
The pricing for the hand made hair accessories like we manufacture can vary a lot from one another, the reasons are – does it include original Swarovski(R) crystals, is the bio-plastic (acetate) made of highest raw materials from Europe, is metal part of hair barrette made of high quality metal or maybe even plated with real gold and of course, how much the brand is known and how much it invests in marketing. While producing our hair accessories we are using only highest raw materials that exists, however, we try to keep the prices that are affordable to the ones who might want to have a piece of high quality hair barrette or hair jaw without spending their monthly salaries. There are customers, who ask us – “is anything wrong with your hair accessories, because the price range that you have is very affordable when comparing what is on the market”, but we try to explain that product costs consist not only on manufacturing costs, but it also greatly depends on what strategy brand owner has – if you want to market your brand globally and maintain its awareness you really have to spend a lot money on it and it automatically increase price of your products. We completely agree on existence of this kind of branding and why some hair barrettes, hair jaws or other hair accessories are so expensive – costs like photo sessions, magazines, merchandising puts a huge pressure on price of each product. However, our pricing strategy is to have a range of affordable, high quality products with highest quality standards, but avoid making extra costs that would end in the final product price. Thus our range is not the cheapest that you can find, but it is based on a fair product margin and keeping the price as affordable as it can be for the products of such quality.
KOSMART™ hand made hair accessories are made of special bio-plastic, which is up to 95 % made of wood and cotton and metal parts that we use are made in France and they are nickel-free.  For hand made hair barrettes, hair jaws, headbands and all other hair accessories we use only original crystals from Swarovski® and each item comes with authentic seal that proves it. All handmade hair accessories are hand polished to the finest precision. KOSMART™ is constantly developing new features that accessories would be not only beautiful, but practical as well: many of our hair barrettes has special insert, which creates non-slip effect and hair is not damaged between metal – you can wear barrette all day long without slipping it down – check how awesome is this kind of barrette HERE and many of our hair jaws has a cover spring mechanism that your hair or skin would not touch the metal part – check out this HAIR JAW and much more inventions are coming soon!  
KOSMART™ in 2018 signed a contract with Swarovski Gemstones and at the beginning of 2019 new collections with actual gemstones (like Ruby and Sapphire) are being introduced. These collections are to be sold only to the luxury boutiques and department stores and will fulfill all KOSMART™ target groups.
Each year we launch at least 4 new collections and our current product range exceeds 2500 different fashion accessories. KOSMART™ has been published in such magazines as VOGUE and is already well known in many markets.
In many countries globally KOSMART™ hair accessories can be found atbeauty supply stores, drug stores, perfumery stores, jewelry corners & stores, gift stores, boutiques, SPA centers, beauty salons, hair product supply stores and etc., however, if you don’t find one close to your home, you can always buy your hair accessory from our global online store with a FREE delivery to your country and 100 % money back and satisfaction guarantee. We do ship our hair accessories worldwide (USA, Australia, Canada, all European Union countries, Hong Kong, Singapore and others – full list you will find at the checkout step) via TNT, Fedex, UPS, USPS and other carriers.
If you own a beauty store, pharmacy, boutique or other kind of retail place and would like to become our stockist or distributor for KOSMART™ hair accessories, please contact us at your earliest convenience by clicking HERE. We understand that its extremely costly to run a physical retail space and our hair accessories range could be just the right group of products to compliment your existing range.
We hope that here, at KOSMART™, you will find the hair accessory that you were looking for and if you need any help in choosing one, just drop us email and we will do our best!